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2009-02-06 19:24:43 by StarHunter



2008-12-16 16:59:16 by StarHunter

I haven't been on for a while so i have an announcement to make that Quantum of Awesome has been canceled sorry for the people who tried (0) well nobody tried which makes me very angry and i didn't like that nobody tried out so i have canceled the awesome episode.

Quantum of Awesome or Awesome of Solace

2008-11-16 20:42:17 by StarHunter

This is a collab for the movie Quantum of Solace and the good part about this is that the movie is gonna be an awesome movie and i hope egoraptor is reading this and i hope you could join this collab. I might not be in the collab because i got a life and a job so don't get your hopes up.


#1: You must have seen the film or finished the game.

#2: You must put your name in the animation (duh!!).

#3: You must send me the animation so i can check it with my super small company.

#4: Send me your animation HERE.

#5: Good luck

#6: I need some one to do the credits.

#7: I need someone to pick the music.

#8: I need someone upload the file just in case I'm busy.

Those are all the rules you must follow them because if you don't you'll regret it. I promise you you'll regret it i swear you will.

I give you the best of lucks.

New Project I'm Making

2008-11-13 18:55:53 by StarHunter

This is going to be a great flash animation and my second any suggestion? if you have any suggestion just EMAIL ME HERE!!!!!!! or just PM me or comment

-Kevin Thurston

P.S Thank you guys for reviewing my first flash Xiao Xiao Tribute i really appreciated. As i said before thank you guys

I GOT BANNED FOR REVIEWING FOR 2 DAYS FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLSZ i don't really care because it's only 2 what harm can it do? huh

Thinking of something...

2008-11-11 12:30:11 by StarHunter

Hello there I'm just dropping by to say that I'm thinking of making a stick figure animation called W.A.R on flash 8 if anybody would like to give me a link to a site that gives a fighting SoundPack i will be delighted all you have to do is just post a comment with the link or give me a email with the link or just if you want to please give me the Pepper SoundPack please because i really need it i already have the Saving Private Ryan SoundPack, and the Xiao Xiao SoundPack, The Explosive SoundPack, The Human SoundPack, and 2 more i forgot there names. but please help me get the SoundPack.

-Kevin Thurston


2008-11-11 10:42:55 by StarHunter

Hello world I'm new here as you can see I've got lots flashes in my favorites. Well with that said just PM me or Comment on this post to to just drop by and say hello or a "Welcome To NewGrounds" greeting or anything else. BYE!!!!