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2008-11-12 18:07:41 by StarHunter

I GOT BANNED FOR REVIEWING FOR 2 DAYS FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLSZ i don't really care because it's only 2 what harm can it do? huh


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2008-11-12 18:10:24

what do you mean revieing for two days you mean you can get ban for trying to make your level go up 2 days in a row

StarHunter responds:

no is that i say a shitty animation and i put a bad review so the banned me from reviewing any animation for 2 days


2008-11-13 17:14:29

that really sucks man


2008-11-13 17:15:32

Calm down.

It happens to everyone.

StarHunter responds:

didn't i just say i don't really care wasn't that clear enough


2008-11-13 17:27:53

Not everyone. I've gotten like 5 deleted reviews and I haven't been banned yet. Just keep your reviews constructive, and if you didn't like something, say why you didn't like it, and what the author can do to make it better. Never, EVER insult a group (Kitty Krew, Clock Crew, Faggot Federation, etc.) or the author. If you want to be ultra safe, don't review anything you don't like.

(Updated ) StarHunter responds:

thank you that really was a nice idea and hell no i will never insult Clock Crew or Kitty Krew they fucking rock my socks


2008-11-13 17:40:43

Sorry, it wasn't, BECAUSE ITS NOT IN CAPS


2008-11-13 17:50:12

thats NOTHING! my other account got banned for 15 days!!!! (not banned anymore)

StarHunter responds:

damn that's a long time


2008-11-13 17:52:52

yeah kwing, but if it wasnt FOR bad reviews, our whistle status wouldnt be able to go up......sooooooo