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Quantum of Awesome or Awesome of Solace

2008-11-16 20:42:17 by StarHunter

This is a collab for the movie Quantum of Solace and the good part about this is that the movie is gonna be an awesome movie and i hope egoraptor is reading this and i hope you could join this collab. I might not be in the collab because i got a life and a job so don't get your hopes up.


#1: You must have seen the film or finished the game.

#2: You must put your name in the animation (duh!!).

#3: You must send me the animation so i can check it with my super small company.

#4: Send me your animation HERE.

#5: Good luck

#6: I need some one to do the credits.

#7: I need someone to pick the music.

#8: I need someone upload the file just in case I'm busy.

Those are all the rules you must follow them because if you don't you'll regret it. I promise you you'll regret it i swear you will.

I give you the best of lucks.


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2008-12-14 19:40:37

I will try... wait. I haven't seen Quantum of Solace. Sorry.